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On-Site Support Services

On-site Support Services

At TSS, we are flexible to your business needs. We offer on-site services for Board Maintenance and Repair, Burn-In Operations and other reliability testing services that you may require from us.

On-Site Support Service Features

  • Minor Repair

  • Minor BIB Modification

  • Parts Outsourcing

  • Parts Procurement

  • Consumables

  • BIB Inventory Management

  • BIB Storage and Retrieval

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified


Advantages of TSS On-Site Support Services

  • Core Team as Start-up team

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Production Efficiency

  • Cycle Time Reduction

  • Manufacturing Support

  • Remote Lot Status Monitoring (Web-enabled database application)

  • On-Site Process Engineer


Additional Services Features

  • Switchboard for faster/accurate signal checking
  • Internal Lot Tracking (BISMS)

  • Fuse Checker, ESD Checker

  • Equipment Efficiency Monitoring (EAMS)

  • Oven PM

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