Test Solution Services, Inc. - A Subsidiary of Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.



Company History

Test Solution Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.


In 1998, the company was established as Pycon Technology Philippines, Inc. (PTPI), a subsidiary of Pycon Inc. (USA). It began to carve its name in the Philippine Semiconductor, Electronics and Automotive Industry with the latest technology in providing burn-in services as well as preventive maintenance, repair, testing, and sales for burn-in boards, burn-in drivers, and load boards.


In 2007, PTPI changed its name to Test Solution Services, Inc. (TSS), following the complete transfer of ownership. TSS became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. ( Japan ). YEC principal activity is the manufacture and sale of electronic components. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Connector business, Test solution and Electronic equipment and assembly equipment. The products include flexible wiring boards, digital parts, hard disks drivers and accessories for print boards. The Group has sixteen subsidiaries and 2 affiliated companies.


TSS facility, located in Laguna Light Industry & Science Park I (LISP1), houses a comprehensive line of device-under-test equipment operated under strict conditions and procedures. This one stop plant will be the main driving force in assuring customers of the cost-saving benefits of a full-time, hassle-free service that TSS provides.


TSS is committed to continue its tradition of excellence by living up to its exacting standards in quality control. On-call service capabilities and attention to details are hallmarks of the company's commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Company Vision

"To be the leader in providing the best reliability and test tooling solutions in the global semiconductor and electronics industries ."

Company Mission

"With our technical expertise, Test Solution Services, Inc., is committed to excellence in the service of semiconductor and electronics industries in providing the total solution in the field of burn-in, test and test tolling, in line with our thrust to achieve total customer satisfaction, maintain a sound business environment and create a meaningful life for the people. ."



1. Law and Ordinance Compliance and Corporate Ethics

1.1 With self-consciousness as an independent member of
society, we behave faithfully on the basis of a high sense of
1.2 We comply with all laws, ordinances and internal rules on our
own tasks in all business activities.
1.3 We refrain from behavior for the benefits of ourselves or
third parties contrary to reasonable benefits to the company.
1.4 As a member working at an enterprise, we assume
responsibility for our roles, keep promises without fail, and
behave trustworthily.

2. International Business Activities

2.1 In international business activities, we not only comply with
international rules and laws and ordinances of respective
nations and respective regions, but also develop business
activities based on mutual confidence fully considering
respective cultures and customs.
2.2 We refrain from giving gifts to or entertaining foreign country
officials for unfair business benefits in international
commercial transactions.

3. Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

3.1 Constantly keeping customer satisfaction in mind, we develop
and supply products and services (meaning all values
Yamaichi Electronics Group supplies to customers) based on
customer needs.
3.2 We secure safety of products and services and endeavor for
quality improvement to win customer support and
3.3 We provide customers with adequate information on products
and services.
3.4 We respond faithfully to inquiries from customers.

4. Sound Corporate Activities

4.1 We comply with all laws and ordinances on monopoly
inhibition, fair competition and fair trade.
4.2 We comply with all laws and ordinances on export and import
in international transactions.