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Burn-in Services

Burn-in Services

TSS offers Burn-In services for a wide variety of packages including QFPs, BGAs and other low and high pin count packages. Our process can be customized to meet specific requirements and can handle both low volume (engineering lots) or high volume production lots. Working in a controlled environment and state of the art technology, the customer is ensured the delivery of a reliable device.


Burn-In Process Features

  • Static Burn-In

  • Dynamic Burn-In

  • Monitored Burn-In

  • Real-Time Lot Tracking

  • External Lot Status Monitoring (Web-enabled database)

  • Timely Pick-up and Delivery of Devices

  • Incoming/Outgoing Inspection

  • Oven Maintenance

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Fast TPT

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified

  • Total Burn-In Solution Provider


Advantages of TSS Burn-In Services

  • TSS-owned CR-5 and CR-18 Burn-In systems
  • TSS-owned Programmable drivers

  • TSS-owned Clock driers

  • TSS is a Full Turn key manufacturer of Burn-In Boards and Driver Boards

  • Complete Burn-In Tools

  • Over 10 years experience with Burn-In Services in the Philippines


Why Outsource your Burn-In Requirements to TSS?
The customer can utilize their Burn-In area for more profitable processes and concentrate on their core competencies.

  • The customer can utilize their existing burn-in manpower for more profitable activities.

  • TSS has a proven track record for productivity and quality. We are always committed to on-time delivery.
  • Overall operation cost from outsourcing to TSS is cheaper than doing the Burn-In operation in-house.

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